This is the personal repository of Jannis Pohlmann. Most of the code you will find here is not really stable or mature. Most of it is experimental.

Feel free to check out any of the repositories below via git://

Project Description Owner Last Change
bayshell.git Patchbay shell for JACK 11 years ago
configfiles.git My configuration files 12 years ago
console.git Pull-down terminal emulator 12 years ago
ferite-gtk.git Ferite GTK+ module 12 years ago
gitbrowser.git Ruby/Sinatra based webservice... 10 years ago
jptemplate.git A simple yet powerful interact... 10 years ago
libxfce4menu.git Xfce menu library 12 years ago
scripts.git Various helper scripts 12 years ago
test.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 years ago
thunar-media-tags-plugin.git Media tags plugin for Thunar 12 years ago
thunar-volume-monitor.git GIO volume monitor extension... 9 years ago
verve-plugin.git Command-line plugin for the... 12 years ago
wharf.git Server management tool 12 years ago
xfce4-time-out-plugin.git Xfce panel plugin for computer... 11 years ago